Who We Are

Nineteen Ninety Two, we're proud to be Dubai's leading sustainable fashion brand, seamlessly harmonizing luxury with eco-friendliness. Our brand symbolizes the city's journey from its humble beginnings in 1992 to its current standing as a global metropolis.” 

CEO/ Saif Al Ameeri

COO/ Mohammed Emad

Our Beginnings

 Nineteen Ninety Two was established with a profound admiration for Dubai's evolution and progress. It honors the significant year of 1992 when Dubai commenced its transition towards modernization and success. The brand is dedicated to leaving a sustainable imprint on this ever-evolving journey. 

Embracing the Future

NineteenNinetyTwo's mission goes beyond creating high-quality products. It is about building a sustainable legacy, showing that luxury and sustainability can coexist seamlessly. Their products, from fashion to accessories, reflect Dubai's modern elegance while upholding sustainability principles.  

Sustainability and Responsibility

At its core, Nineteen Ninety Two embodies genuine sustainability efforts, surpassing
mere words. Aligned with global sustainable development goals, the brand leads
luxury sectors by employing eco-friendly practices, ethical sourcing, waste reduction,
energy conservation, and advocating a circular economy.

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